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The nutrient value of prawn is very high, especially its protein content is richer, not only taste is good, in effect of side of body of take good care of sb also be pretty good, at ordinary times intestines and stomach is not a bit more delicious prawn flesh can be absorbed quickly, it is very pretty good to the sanitarian action of human body, a lot of people like to buy fresh prawn, put next boil inside water, the prawn that has boiled is joined a few flavor to be able to eat, prawn that boil puts what spice in light of us.

The prawn that boil puts what spice

The prawn that boil puts what spice

1, buy fresh prawn, purify is cleaned clean after black shrimp line, put in stainless steel basin to reserve.

2, green Chinese onion cuts paragraphs small.

3, right amount water is put in boiler, prawn is entered after water is burned. See water amount again at this moment, if water is too much,should come out a few. Fall in love with the sea

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4, put makings of right amount anise, green Chinese onion next paragraph, salt, gingerShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, mix is even.

Do water to boil prawn what to put condiment

5, tone boils 5 minutes or so into conflagration, when when shrimp becomes golden look, soup tastes a bit of usable ladle dip flavor how, if a few weaker put a few salt again.

6, move into with juice of vinegar, salt, ginger finally dip in makings, when having shrimp, dip in dip in shrimp flesh, very delicate.

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The common practice of the prawn that boil

Water boils prawn practice

1, prawn abluent, jiang Pian reserves.

2, put chopped green onion, cooking wine, saline souse 15 minutes.

3, the clear water in boiler is burned.

4, put prawn to boil make shrimp become red can.

The prawn that boil puts what spice

Water boils prawn practice 2

1, prawn abluent, green cuts shiver to reserve.

2, iron bowl burns heat, put right amount peanut oil to burn to 78 into heat. Put stir-fry before stewing of Chinese prickly ash to give sweet smell, pour winkle of Chinese prickly ash next.

3, put stir-fry before stewing of chopped green onion to give green sweet smell.

4, put a few soy and prawn next. After frying shrimp a little while, add a few water again.

5, essence of salt, chicken is put to flavor when waiting for shrimp to become yellow, want salty weak appropriate.

6, one prepares to dip in again after boiling good shrimp makings, add soy, balm, candy in small small plate to mix together divide evenly, gather up there is sauce after good shrimp very delicious.

Water boils prawn practice 3

1, conflagration of the clear water in boiler is boiled, 7 apart moment put Chinese prickly ash, green is cut off, jiang Pian 4.

2, water opens moment to put fresh prawn, the Gai Xiaohuo that build boiler is boiled.

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3, wait for prawn to become red can.

Water boils prawn practice 4

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Material shrimp 500 grams, jiang Yi piece, salt, gourmet powder, peanut oil


1, hot pot is cheered burn to 6 into heat, cut ginger put break up fry a few times.

2, enter abluent shrimp again (best the head splanchnic the line that reach shrimp is taken out) boil.

The prawn that boil puts what spice

3, add salt, gourmet powder.

4, wait for shrimp ripe, receive juice, outfit having pot dish.

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