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Hold sitting position for a long time, let your cervical vertebraFall in love with the sea

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Get pressure fully with pelvic cavity. Gem gal teacher says, there are two shares on the body is Chongzhongzhi is weighed — rachis and pelvic cavity. Because rachis is the energy center of the body, and its one aspect of the matter is linked together with the pelvis again. Can say rachis affects the pelvis, and boneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The basin also restricts rachis, both cannot break up. Time of the job seeking a site looks for bit of leisure, let the body be loosened well, do do the exercise that has specific aim, of the health of stimulative whole and beauty abiding.

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Rachis recuperation

Extend of the music before 1 half lotus strengthens back sits type

Exercise method: Sit on the ground, double leg is exhibited to extension forward, the body is erect.

Bend left knee, left foot finishs the sitting position of half lotus.

Left arm bypasses after body, hold foot of left foot beetle-crusher.

Double genu as far as possible and approach, the right hand handholds ahead right leg.

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Just spin rachis, hold this action.

Exercise effect: Alleviate ache of humeral week muscle; Agile shoulder neck is articulatory, the blood all round stimulative rachis circulates; Extend lower limbs is articulatory.

The movement is no-no: Disease disease sends lower limbs joint period person unfavorable exercise.

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2 trees type

Exercise method: Hill form is basic type stands.

Right leg poises, carry left foot, left foot instep is put in on the right side of ham root ministry, cheng Banlian spends type.

Both hands is before the bosom put the palms together.

Even breath maintains.

Expiratory, the arm is put down slowly from two side. Repeat change another side to practice.

Exercise effect: Extend is whole rachis, loosen humeral neck joint; Increase the dedicated capacity of body and mind.

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