[postpartum and fat the nightmare that is a woman, had this method women to also not be afraid of again] –

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Believe every pregnant Mom is postpartum care a thing, if where postpartum and rapid regain the stature previously. Actually, want food of postpartum and proper control only, add gem gal to take exercise, want to restore original hot figure, not be a tickler. Specific gem gal action looks together below us.

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1, lie on one’s back, two legs unbend. Two arms make the same score the side that put system, the centre of the palm is down.

2, inspiratory, at the same time the head, the upper part of the body is truncal, two legs and double arm are raised entirely come, leave the area. Double arm should be extended ahead straight as parallel as the ground, at the same time harbour gas does not breathe out, maintain this appearance pattern for a long time as far as possible at the same time, allow with be painfully constrainedly.

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The edge mixes double leg gradually truncal and reductive, loosen the whole body. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

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Muscle, conduce to peristalsis of stimulative bowel path, improvement digests a function.

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