Online award eating chicken is rich and generous! ” Russia diamonds 99 ” will hold the contest on the line

In ” true escape greatly kill ” ” Russia diamonds 99 ” after straight face can release Ren Tiantang formally last month, ren Tiantang ever assured to will hold a series of activities to strengthen the player’s communication. And this the first artillery piece of a series of activities will be in this week begin to exchange fire — Ren Tiantang government announces to will hold a contend the strongest of 999 players in a limited time contest eating chicken. The contest will come to was held March 10 March 8, day takes the promotive mechanism of player and Europe caparison player to will differ somewhat. Day takes a player: Smoke in the player that chicken has eaten during the activity choose 999 people to reward gold coin of EShop of 999 Ren Tiantang each (value 999 yen) . The time that takes chicken is more, smoke anthology odds is bigger. Europe caparison player: In 8-10 day before 999 players with maximum number eating chicken reward gold coin of 999 Ren Tiantang EShop each (value 9.99 U.S. dollors) . Say so, take runner-up Ji Jun not count, only the accountant of the first ability of true true be sure to enters match grade, everybody piece learns the home to be able to want to increase an interest, the opportunity that get rich becomes rich came!

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