” G2 gene secret service ” Xin Shuguang of another indigenous game? On Steam 91% reputably ARPG

” G2 Fighter ” (G2 gene secret service) the ARPG that is perspective of a look down at shoots play. Whole plays come down, the sense that gives me is worth to recommend, although still have the place that deserves promotion, but game mechanism is mature, can enjoy a sex strong, detailed sees later development. Game story happens in times of last phase of an age, old human world is ruined. Those who replace is species of the new mankind that can live below harsh environment, mutation and robot. As gut drive, the player fights to be built at the same time at the same time those who belong to oneself is feudal, probe old mankind world’s ruined real situation. Game used the form of caricature to drive in gut respect, performance of setting picture wind is superior (the animation of sketch cross the stage of black and white ash seems to be able to going up formally) is updated before the line, clarity showed the world of future of a doomsday. Act game as behavioral part, because itself is core with behavioral fire, in gut deepness respect so feeling giving a person is not worth somewhat. Nevertheless article table compares ground connection to enrage, have a lot of stem, those who coordinate gut, task join and caricature shows a color, also can make a person quite curious want the story that produce next. Be opposite as the player the be familiar with and understands degree addition of game, can feel every diamonds person is fond of at this moment move is very be full of individual character again. Of game NPC establish draw very delicate also! The outspread performance that at the same time the musical sound effect of game regards game as is very excellent also, BGM is very marvellous also, agitate is worn the player goes understanding a story deep to develop, the fight of incentive player, old scene fire experiences spurt of hematic arteries and veins very easily piece frank feeling. Every time battle is life-and-death additionally game flow is belonged to simple and crude model, accept the job, the task that finish, it is among dash forward dash forward dash forward explode shoot all enemies. The battle scene of a heil of bullets is very fluent, cooperate frank blow to feel praiseworthy! The proposal does not choose too small difficulty, lest influence game is nervous feeling, excitant. Because the itself establishing draw of game part used the style of Low Poly, so whole dash forward dash forward dash forward battle scene did not feel bloody force completely, have a word only ” bright ” and want to continue to fight. The system plays a law to go up, part system, skill system, weapon / prevent a system to wait a moment, cover content very rich, the elemental completely of RPG, increased interest sex. Skill system, big move is killed surely, have basic technical ability (will learn) through the book, big move, should release only can explode kill. Press big move temporarily bright, press all the time all the time bright! The part gets more powerful oneself ability and the ability that promote friendly forces through upgrading, the weapon that still has all sorts of abundance can offer an alternative, every kinds of weapon can bring different frank experience. For example: Eruptive gun, linear snipe gun, assault gun, medicinal powder play sword of gun, rocket launcher, grenade, laser to wait etc, deserve to have different quality. And the old map that one designed to be able to make a player free gallop in game, on the map that all town and foothold length and breadth of land in this. As the propulsion of game masterstroke task, will see the area that goes to before the lock is more and OK. On the old map in game, can drive at will freely your chariot! Nitrogen is quickened, desert runs quickly! The advantage of game has a lot of, but be not do not have defect completely. For example, the worth while still and careful deliberate of UI respect and optimize, gut still also has promotion space, key-press foundation is operated. Some set senses are not great, resemble leap, need bouncing ability to connect the toll-gate that close certainly without discovery temporarily. Sum up finally: Caricature of delicate; establishing draw reveals gut original the sense of the set of battle; minority that the weapon; of the diversification of; of musical sound effect with appropriate; stimulates is not great (exemple bouncing set and pushbutton) UI design can accomplish gut of more marvellous; , majority is with the knight-errant subject matter is given priority to, amount of game of the fire that gives priority to a problem with future of science fiction doomsday so ARPG is very few, so complete finish degree, so outstanding quality, fewer. The stand or fall of a game, very a bit more important it is to be able to let a player feel joy and pleasant sensation, ” G2 gene secret service ” had done. Be in currently of Steam platform lead reputably for 91% ! Although G2 gene secret service returns the place that has inadequacy, have ascensive space, but the defects cannot obscure the virtues. A thing cannot be ignored, indigenous game is in progress!

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