” the rocket is allied ” edition of Steam of store of Epic of go to somewhere for shelter judges bomb by foreign player difference

Epic Games announced to buy now ” the rocket is allied ” atelier of development business Psyonix, and this game also will be by 2019 become Epic store to molopolize, sell on Steam no longer. The player that this game bought before those nevertheless as before can game of edition of amuse oneself Steam. After the message is announced, foreign Steam player is very angry, indignant they can choose to brush difference to judge the dissatisfaction with him expression on Steam only. Pursue as follows, can see player of a lot of abroad hit difference to judge on Steam, include amuse oneself even among them the vermicelli made from bean starch of class of ashes of the dead of hundreds hour. Be worth what carry is, ” the rocket is allied ” before Ceng Yin locked up a country to be acted as agent by Tecent WeGame area, bring about domestic player collective to brush difference to judge.

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