E3: B company announces frame of Orion 4K/60 of new technology of oneself cloud game not to have defer

Now (on June 10) on E3 2019, b company announced the cloud play with new oneself to assist a technology — Orion, and express will bring to the player ” without defer ” the game experience of 4K/60 frame. B company returns those who gave off Orion to demonstrate, ” ruined soldier ” can go up to move fluently in Orion. B company government pushs express especially: The game on Orion will faster, more glibly moves, no matter game or shed media platform how, orion can be offerred for the player better shed experience of media foundation game. In direct seeding at the same time B company shows, orion can let game direct seeding every frame is fast 20% , bandwidth is reduced 40% , direct seeding rises the meeting is quicker, reduce direct seeding cost. Final B company still is being pushed especially medium express, want to attend the Orion free technology that we are about to roll out to check? Join club of official DOOM vermicelli made from bean starch, organic meeting plays on your mobile equipment ” ruined soldier ” , future will have more detailed information a few weeks.

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