Drive of clavier of machinery of V710 of Lei Bai of EQW of mantis of LOL flying Apsaras installs education

” the hero is allied ” as the whole world the most popular the most popular game, already deep imprint the heart that is cut in each player, and as popular Ka Ci overcomes the empty empty predator that makes wild hero (mantis) , depending on exceed strong flexibility, extremely strong outbreak, operation feeling and second kill pleasure to explode canopy, get of the player love. The author teachs the empty sky that you play a homicide to need 1 second only predator function of macrodefinition of V710 of use Lei Bai, let a player enjoy fly to feel commonly.

   Lei Bai V710 used whole key not to have the design of conflict, ” the hero is allied ” numerous skill is to pass a lot of combination key to spark, so complete be good at the clavier that does not have strong design to the player be how important, let a player give out big move follow one’s inclinationsly. Still contain a powerful grand mastery of a skill or technique, can make a player fast from beginning to end one pace instant gives out the person to be enrolled greatly, the victory is hands-down.

Gram blocking at present is the hitting that skill of a support erupts wild assassin, when him straight face falls when only enemy, he has superhigh to erupt ability, can harvest poll easily. In addition, kacike’s particular developmental ability lets him suit to face all sorts of foes, his collect answers blood, decelerate, concealed body, quickly, dart at an organic whole, have very high latent capacity. Because dart skill CD is too long, kacike is very easy by kite, in face a few hands grow and when rabbi hero, kacikehui appears very faint. And be in in later period, you must go out a few live outfit will ensure oneself won’t be too fragile, the second person competence that block at present to overcome so cannot get very good play.

   Have deep love for Kacike’s player to know than each, EQW enrols the basic skill that is Kacike repeatedly, must get adroitness control, specific operation author makes a simple characterization for everybody.

 Close body Q grinds blood on the line, start off comes out to make the same score A to add QW into grass, answer grass, with come over to continue to hit, will grind him so nevertheless, kacike should have used him passivity the first times to make the same score A to have additional harm and slowdown, cut ADC to have two kinds of idea, the R after circling made the same score AQWAQ to die basically personally nearly, still having is blood of EQE second incomplete, without pressure, mantis erupts to rely on skill output high! Go more, not foolish foolish be opposite with others A, every time R of put away skill go perhaps erupt the next time into the CD such as grass!

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