Take Two: We won’t be blind and high-definition for money refashion ” GTA “

Although ” GTA5 ” end at present global shipment volume breaks through 65 million, but the old game before Take Two is not eager to for money sedulous refashion.

On today’s finance telephone conference, CEO Strauss Zelnick tells investor they won’t urge the old GTA game of PS2 is landed before R star refashion, include ” GTA3 ” , ” GTA: SA ” and ” GTA: Free city ” wait. Unless R star wants to let these game have originality very much it seems that, they just are met so do.

Zelnick explanation says, the game of refashion must have let a player do it the latent capacity of hearten ability is OK. If the solution is such really, so this is a good chance probably. But if the answer is not such, perhaps say we have an opportunity small earn brushstroke, if so so we reject refashion.

He still expresses all and final power to make decisions finally in the hand in him atelier, for instance 2K or R star, high level of company of Take Two of and rather than.

Go up in telephone conference at the same time, he still points out lead plane upgrades, for instance PS4.5, the prospective future that holds the post of heaven NX to wait a light.

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