” dark black 3 ” already 4 years the government talks about put on sale article compares systematic evolution history

Recently, ” dark black 3 ” community manager Nevalistis released a long article, will ” dark black 3 ” in compared a system to undertake contrast one time with present article before. Although a bit of this one system is not conspicuous, but it helped a player really.

Hit oneself dark black 3 put on sale already 4 years, we were experienced together a lot of. Fasten the complete refashion of all to brand-new profession and toll-gate from article, the world of the ground of shelter becomes better and better. However, a few alter the change of its interior mechanism wants far those who be more than its surface alter, produced extremely far-reaching effect to game experience. Equipment is a such example quite, let us be opposite together the development process of this function one dug unexpectedly.

To a lot of dark black players, how should equiping quite is a kind of challenge. Article can offer all sorts of useful property, and random sex means the captured equipment of dark black style it can bring countless combination. Understanding needs to equip the game knowledge with very much need of which one component, and may pose is common or rookie player. No less than everybody knows, dark black the article system of 3 experienced large-scale refashion since put on sale. When begin, legend article always is not the choice of clearly. Fastening all evolution about article is another topic, but the setting with ask everybody to remember this main.

When us dark black 3 belts arrive on lead plane platform when, we encountered an obstacle. The player chooses to equip which article can become very troublesome, play cooperative game in sofa to especially and character, fail to transform well come over. We do not hope every time your friend should suspend game choose article to interrupt your fun thereby. Maintain game rhythm smooth it is a main goal, seeking the solution with a whole applicable platform is very important to us.

This is ecbolic the basic idea that our article hints quite, but development group was conveyed a few anxious. Every time we give dark black when destroying a god to bring a few new functions, we always can ask we introduce a such new functions in dark black set appropriate. Since dark black 2 put on sale had gone more than 10 years, the means of player game had been changed greatly. We decide then, the element that iteration offers one sort to appear teacher and student can let more players experience the risk of the ground of shelter better only.

Bigger question is to represent a player to make a few main decisions so appropriate. Same, we regard this one new function as groom tool is not operation instruction handbook. Final, we hope the player can make his equipment choose, we discover, after players compare a tool to obtain a few guidance through article, they can begin to give their verdict. This basic guidance, make we can enough it is OK to simplify the function that provides a kind to go to the lavatory quickly with the form of fast equipment on lead plane platform.

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