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” Yi Su 9 ” game develops plan 50% mysterious females are crucial figure       Read textual Ji Yang of Falcom president close cane was accepted recently interview, disclosed about ” Yi Su 9 ” new information. Include senile Yatelu to will come on stage among them, development plan is 50% etc. · ” Yi Su 9 ” subhead ” the night of Monstrum NOX(eccentric) ” it is to make a subject originally. · game arena is metropolitan, made rugged difference designedly, prairie forest is vestigial wait for setting to also can have. · time set is after 7 generation, this second Yatelu is series age is the oldest, he already became the adventurer with hep each district. His figure was not made public at present. · group group fights and hold simply accuse to still be in. Eccentric has other can ability, OK even leap onto roofs and vault over walls. System of · consortium operation is by before made dorp builds a system to develop and come. New edition of PS3 simulator RPCS3 demonstrates ” Suonike 4 ” ” mysterious maritime space ” experience      Read textual now, foreign player shared RPCS3 of simulator of PS3 of use latest edition to run the picture of game on the net, these game include ” mysterious maritime space ” , ” Suonike 4 ” , ” Dan Ding is Tartarean ” , ” counteractive 2 ” wait, watch video together. Can see from inside video, ” Suonike 4 ” move be without pressure, ” Dan Ding is Tartarean ” encountered frame to count a problem, but OK also and fluent experience. ” mysterious maritime space ” and ” counteractive 2 ” it is a lot of better that moving effect also compares previous edition, but still appeared problem of a lot of pictures. ” anthem ” the person that make is not rolled out season ticket and DLC paying fee but the thing is done not have so simple       Read textual " anthem " it is by BioWare dust heart covers an atelier research and development, one when EA issues large game of much person RPG, picture effect Jing is colourful. Previous government expresses ” anthem ” won’t give priority to with krypton gold player, the government expresses again now, ” anthem ” won’t roll out season ticket and DLC paying fee, all follow-up newer content are all and free. Foreign player and producer Michael Gamble are being pushed go up especially interactive, ask about game to whether to come all and free, producer gives out positive result. “Without season ticket, should buy game only can ” , michael Gamble says. Still vermicelli made from bean starch is mentioned ” quality effect 2 ” free DLC is very popular, gamble states BioWare likes to use all along pass on a player freely newlier, look ” anthem ” can take similar course. Is Steam the most expensive game also winter indulgence? Hit fracture to still sell 11767       Read textual in before this station also did a Xiaopan to nod to everybody, check all sorts of the most precious commodity on Steam line. Among them, rong Yong ” the most expensive DLC ” beautiful praise is this paragraph ” Train Simulator ” (imitate train) , this game from 2009 put on sale up to now, annual the a change in form but not in content changes a name with respect to OK (now is ” imitate train 2019 ” ) , and it so expensive because go up,wear nearly 10 years namely, gave 490 DLC (light changes a name or be no good, time can newer very much DLC) . ” biochemical crisis 2 refashion edition ” be about to game of unripe danger of department of PS of put on sale is hit lose privilege       Read sky of textual card general to announce today, expect to commemorate the equipment below the banner suffers ” biochemical crisis 2 refashion edition ” at next year on January 25 put on sale, arrive since now during January 21, 2019 PS shop (day is taken) ” biochemical crisis ” whole set game is hit lose sales promotion, at present PS shop (harbor is taken) go up later line this activity. · ” biochemical crisis 2 refashion edition (Biohazard Re:2) ” it is one makes emission horror take a risk by Capcom kind of game, this high-definition heavy plate making will be used ” biochemical crisis 7 ” RE Engine of the engine that be the same as a paragraph is made, let live classically horrible sport is official renascence, with distinct the place that inspects effect, sound effect breathtakingly to make horror again. Biochemical crisis the complete redo of 2, the narrative experience that brings deeper administrative levels. Brand-new perspective crossing a shoulder, and modern operation, support 4K. Blood-red warning! Inspector general of Xbox market department basks in tesla to decide plate making Scorpio       Read textual yesterday, chief inspector Aaron Greenberg is pushing Xbox market department to go up especially bask in those who gave oneself ” tesla ” custom-built edition Scorpio (Xbox One X) , blood-red index is handsome and threatening, still do not see the magical elegant demeanour of lead plane of Xbox of this custom-built edition rapidly! “Tesla ” concept of custom-built edition Xbox One X pursues Sino-US in harmony ” white snake: Genesis ” white snake of international edition placard weeps to love chilly beauty        Read textual now, the film of demon unreal animation of Sino-US in harmony ” white snake: Genesis ” international edition placard is released, this placard is created by Yellow Sea. White snake eyelid hangs low in placard, a tear pours out of orbit down canthus, bei hurt feeling blow on the face and come. And Xiaobai and A Xuan are in white snake eye hold wind of oilpaper umbrella drive to fly, in the picture that has a good swim between heaven and earth. Green meaning is abundant in the attune of clear cool color outside whole placard eye and eye, the good world of bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration forms bright contrast. ” white snake: Genesis ” between the girl period before telling about anguine bewitching Bai Suzhen to be in 500 years and Axuan of the person that catch a snake a paragraph of exceedingly sentimental love story. Story happening is between late Tang Nian, assassinate goes releasing the national division that catchs a snake to make before girl Xiaobai, unfortunate accident is broken recall, be arrested A Xuan of anguine village teenager is saved below. Answer memory to help a girl search, two people set foot on a paragraph of adventure itinerary, adventurous process makes two people feeling rapid warm up, during just sprouting with respect to the seed in love, the identity of girl snake bewitching is shown gradually however, the love of two people is facing tremendous test, across state division and snake a group of things with common features between inevitable big fight also be about to start shooting.

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