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It is OK also that white vinegar can eat the United States is white, and can be improved and adjust metabolic, stimulative bowel path wriggles, have certain effect to reducing weightLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, still can alleviate fatigue, effect of white vinegar weak spot is first-rate also, but cannot edible can stimulate a stomach too much. With white vinegar beauty white the most healthy, introduce the method with a few kinds of beautiful white apparent effects next. Insist to use the effect everyday gift is nicer.

Beauty of 3 kinds of white vinegar's white accurate method

The method of white vinegar beautiful Bai Danban

1. white vinegar washs facial law

The simplest be about to count white vinegar to wash facial law! When washing a face every morning, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Put a small water first, join 2 spoon white vinegar inside next, immerse the face inside a few minutes, beginning regular clean face program. Insist to wash a face with white vinegar everyday, can beautiful white skin, desalt splash, can make skin close send more at the same time reduce wrinkle, beautiful white tender skin undertakes at the same time.

Beauty of 3 kinds of white vinegar's white accurate method

2. white vinegar + brine brushs facial law

This is white vinegar of the law that wash a face upgrade edition, quite simple also, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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White vinegar, salt still has water to mediate together, the scale of white vinegar, salt and water is probably 9: 3: 1, mix up hind puts clean towelForum of Shanghai night net

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Go in soak, brush next go up in the face, morning and evening each. Spot of white to the United States dispel, delicate skin is having same effect!

Beauty of 3 kinds of white vinegar's white accurate method

3. white vinegar + face of apply of wax gourd juice

Take wax gourd pound juice, rejoin 9 spoon white vinegar, smooth hind besmear is on the face, 10 minutes or so can be washed. Use 2-3 of face of apply of juice of white vinegar wax gourd everyday second, use consecutively half moon is OK beautiful Bai Danban!

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